Since 1991 we have been working to disseminate UNESCO’s programmes in the Basque Country


Sustainable Development Goals


UN Etxea works to make Agenda 2030 a reality and to achieve sustainable human development, under the principle of ``leaving no one behind``.

To respond to the challenges posed by Agenda 2030, UN Etxea promotes educational experiences aimed at social transformation.

To respond to the main challenges of social transformation, UN Etxea visibilizes the power of culture and the diversity of cultural expressions.

To put the environment at the heart of sustainable human development, UN Etxea promotes training, awareness-raising and research activities.

All UN Etxea actions work cross-cutting in the field of human rights.

In 2014 UN Etxea begins a process of organizational change in favour of gender equality, both in its internal operations and in its social action.


Ibero-American Platform of Education for Sustainable Development. Search engine for resources related to the SDGs.


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International Competition for Audiovisual Works Promoting Human Rights

Schools committed to promoting peace, intercultural dialogue and sustainable development

Agenda 2030 for a fairer and more equitable society. Leaving no one behind

Making our municipalities inclusive and welcoming spaces of diversity

Didactic tool that promotes the knowledge of heritage and cultural diversity

Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development

Basque Network of Artistic Education for Social Transformation

Videoblog with experiences that contribute to sustainable development

We share the mandate of UNESCO’s Constitution to build a just and dignified peace
based on the person, his or her dignity and supreme value, for which purpose
we are constituted, as UNESCO´s civil society, in a Basque solidarity association
with an international vocation.