We promote training, awareness-raising initiatives, engagement and research which put the environment at the heart of sustainable human development.

Our work in this regard covers the following areas:


We work to raise awareness among the population and to engage and motivate people, particularly youths, on environmental matters so that they acquire the knowledge, values and capabilities they need to participate in preventing and addressing environmental problems.


Our objective is to see the climate crisis become a strategic matter in development cooperation to tackle poverty. We work on issues related to the threat posed by this global phenomenon to human development and human rights, collaborating with a range of stakeholders in Basque society (development NGOs, universities, the media, etc.).


We work with the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development and Environmental Education (University of the Basque Country) on the Ecosystem Services Assessment of the Basque Country. The objective is to generate scientific knowledge applicable in both the public and private spheres on the consequences of the changes taking place in ecosystems and to their services, and to outline possible response options.


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