“All Together-Todas Juntas-Guztiok Batera” Report

The report contributes from an intersectoral perspective to the implementation of a transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, both in its local dimension and in its global repercussions.

With this report, which has the support of the Basque Development Cooperation Agency and BBK Kuna, we intend to know and recognize different vulnerable groups in the Basque Country -often forgotten in society and public policies-, and their situation in relation to the 2030 Agenda, in order to put pressure on Basque society and especially on decision-makers to fulfill their promises.

To carry out these objectives, the report proposes a qualitative research based on theoretical and practical inquiry through five specific case studies, in which we delve into 5 specific groups or collectives in the Basque Country: the LGTB + community, Romani women, migrant women, young people, and day laborers.

These groups are represented by the entities of the Todos Juntas – Guztiok Batera working group: AMUGE (the Romani Women’s Association of the Basque Country), the Basque Youth Council (EGK), the World Rural Forum (WRF), Women in Diversity Association and GEHITU (the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Intersex Association of the Basque Country).

The report draws attention to, among other issues, how awareness and recognition of situations of inequality are the first steps towards the transformation of a more feminist, inclusive, and anti-racist society.

It also denounces that prejudices and stereotypes are limiting access to resources, the coverage of needs, and the development of people. Likewise, it highlights that gender equality is one of the key factors in achieving real equal opportunities for all people.

Moreover, it indicates that COVID-19 has revealed the vulnerability of all people, and especially of those who were already in this situation before.

The report is now available in Basque, Spanish, and English in the “resources” section of our website.


However, we want to inform you that the publication of this report is not the end. From now on, the All Together / Todas Juntas / Guztiok Batera group, which has participated in the report and is going to expand, will continue working to publicize the conclusions and political proposals of the report in our society.

You are invited to be part of it.